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Ready to start building? Our representatives at Preferred Point Consulting are ready too! From documentation of proper grouting and welding practices to tracking completion of specific phases of the construction process, field audits can be informative to both the building owner and the project engineers. With proper documentation of the field installation process, problems can be addressed and fixed in a timely manner, minimizing costly delays.

Some of the site inspection services we provide include:

  • Inspection of materials for use in grouting & welding procedures.

  • Inspection of all quality testing, installation practices, and documentation.

  • Detailed descriptions of installation non-conformances.

  • Develop detailed reports for the project record.

Preferred Point Consulting isn't afraid to get our hands dirty on-site. Much can happen in a short period of time on construction sites; many joints need to be grouted, many plates need to be welded, 

That's why your consultant is well versed in all aspects of the inspection environment, adding value to each stage of the project.

Contact us to discuss your project's inspection needs!

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