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Preferred Point Compressive Strength Monitoring

After selecting a vendor and authorizing them to commence production, Preferred Point Consulting offers on-site inspection services to monitor their operations, available on either a full- or part-time basis. Our consultants take pride in personally conducting plant inspections, engaging with plant personnel, and meticulously documenting their observations for the project records.

Our comprehensive precast plant inspection services include:

  • Inspection of Materials for Product Use: Rigorous examination of materials intended for use in products to ensure quality and compliance.

  • Inspection of Quality Testing, Production Practices, and Documentation: Thorough evaluation of quality testing processes, production practices, and documentation protocols.

  • Detailed Descriptions of Products and Non-conformances: Providing detailed descriptions of products and highlighting any identified non-conformances.

  • Troubleshooting Common Production Problems: Proactive identification and resolution of common problems encountered during production.

  • Development of Detailed Reports for Project Records: Crafting comprehensive reports detailing inspection findings for accurate project documentation.

  • Training of QA Personnel for Inspection Tasks: Specialized training sessions for Quality Assurance personnel designated for inspection roles.

Preferred Point Consulting excels in delivering inspection services tailored to both simple and complex projects. Recognizing that precast inspection needs vary based on standards, specifications, and project agreements, our consultants are adept at addressing diverse requirements.

Our consultants possess expertise in a wide array of inspection scenarios, ready to enhance the value of your project.


Reach out to us to discuss your project's unique precast inspection needs and how we can contribute to its success.



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