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Before starting your project, it is essential to establish specifications and requirements. Preferred Point Consulting specializes in guiding your organization through this process, providing invaluable advice on defining requirements, avoiding common pitfalls, and adopting best practices to ensure the desired quality from your vendors. This proactive approach significantly contributes to evaluating the suitability of potential vendors.


When engaged in the early stages of a construction project, our preconstruction services include:

  • Contract and Specification Review: Efficiently analyze and review contracts and specifications to ensure alignment with project goals.

  • Development of Inspection Testing Plans (ITPs) and Quality Manuals: Create comprehensive plans and manuals to guide inspections and maintain quality standards.

  • Reviews of Vendor Quality Systems Manuals and Production Practices: Thoroughly assess vendor quality systems manuals and production practices to ensure compliance and reliability.

  • Conduct Preconstruction Meetings with Vendors and Installers: Facilitate crucial meetings to align all stakeholders and set the project on a path to success.

  • Reviews of Shop Drawings for Potential Fabrication Challenges: Identify and address potential fabrication challenges by carefully scrutinizing shop drawings.

  • Training of QA Personnel Designated to Perform Inspections: Provide specialized training to Quality Assurance personnel designated for inspection tasks.

Our proactive involvement in these initial phases is aimed at optimizing the planning and inspection processes for your project. Contact us to explore how we can enhance the efficiency of inspections in your project planning.



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